#411: Orioles Promo Events, A Star Is Born Back In Theaters & More!

Orioles Announce 2019 Promo Events

  • Tickets go on sale Friday but the Orioles have announced their promotional events for the new season which include "Star Wars" night, "Game of Thrones" night and several movie nights
  • Other popular promotions returning include the Maryland flag replica jersey giveaway on June 29 and the Birdland Hawaiian shirt giveaway on July 13, both for the first 30,000 fans 15 and over
  • On July 16, the Orioles will honor Brooks Robinson with a bobblehead for the first 25,000 fans 15 and over
  • The team will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1989 "Why Not?" Orioles with a reunion and T-shirt giveaway
  • The Orioles will have postgame fireworks at every Friday home game from June through August, and kids will be able to run the bases after every Sunday home game this season
  • Details are TBA for WWE Night, Nurse Appreciation Week, Lax Night, Brunch at the Ballpark and the University Night series


Movie & TV Odds & Ends

  • The Aquaman sequel has an official release date, December 16, 2022
  • Starting tomorrow, A Star Is Born heading back to theaters for 1 week only with almost 12 minutes of addition footage
  • NBC has renewed Brooklyn 99 for a 7th season
  • Beverly Hills 90210 reboot is officially underway, the first trailer was just released revealing it’ll air this summer on Fox & will feature the original cast playing themselves in a new series about the old series


Beware of The Momo Challenge

  • A gaunt, terrifying doll with big eyes and stringy hair has been popping up on sites and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook & YouTube, sometimes in conjunction with popular kids videos like Fortnite or Peppa Pig encouraging children to take part in dangerous challenges
  • Whoever is behind this encourages the viewer to contact them via a WhatsApp number and complete dangerous challenges like turning on the oven at night, putting utensils in electrical outlets and in some cases even explaining how to commit suicide
  • This “Momo” figure warns tells viewers that she will “curse them” if they don’t do what she says, and encourages them not to tell anyone about the challenge


UK Fans Freak Out After Netflix's Alternate Ending To "The Notebook"

  • Fans in the U.K. are up in arms after Netflix began streaming a version of The Notebook with an alternate ending
  • The original has the two elderly lovers passing away together, hand in hand, but the version Netflix began streaming has an alternate ending leaving them alive before cutting to birds flying over a lake
  • Netflix claims they had nothing to do with changing the ending-- "An alternate version exists and was supplied to us -- we are getting to the bottom of it asap. Apparently, some films have more than one ending?!"
  • Nicholas Sparks, who wrote the book, was on the Today show Wednesday and said he prefers the original ending
  • ****the above clip is the CORRECT ending****



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