Natty Light Just Dropped Strawberry Lemonade Beer & It Actually Sounds Good

IMHO, Natty Light was always the cheap college beer everyone could get their hands on and loved until they actually turned 21 and realized it was the equivalent of dish water. BUT NOW they've just launched a strawberry lemonade beer with the most adorable packaging ever and TBH I'm here for it.



It's described as a light lager brewed with strawberry lemonade flavor and the marketing geniuses behind Natural Light has affectionately named it "Naturday." According to Delish, it's meant to describe the ~essence~ of a Naturday, which is "an epic day with friends when all the chips simply seem to fall into place." It's already been spotted in local stores for about a week so fingers crossed the weather warms up and we can go out and enjoyed ourselves a Naturday STAT.



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