#The411: Billy Ray Cyrus Slammed For Weed Pic, Thomas Rhett To SNL & More!


Billy Ray Cyrus Getting A Lot of Heat For Weed Picture

  • Billy Ray Cyrus posted a photo of his wife with a huge safe full of weed—there are 16 large, visible bags
  • It's not clear if this picture was taken in a state where recreational weed is legal or in Tennessee, where it's still against the law
  • Lots of backlash surfaced after he posted the pic with some people accusing him of glamorizing weed, others felt it was an example of white privilege saying it’s cool when a white person posts a picture like this but when people of color do it, it’s ghetto and they end up in jail
  • Billy’s wife Tish tried to clear the air posting online-- “First of all … my husband @billyraycyrus is INSANE, second, this picture is also insane, and third this is NOT my weed or my house. Hahah. But if it was, that would be amazing for so many reasons!”


Thomas Rhett Has New Music Coming

  • Thomas Rhett announced on Instagram, that he will be releasing new music March 1st, followed by his SNL debut on March 2nd
  • He enlisted the help of his very cute daughter Willa Gray for the announcement


Hulu’s “Handmaid’s Tale” Filming In DC On Friday

  • If you saw a bunch of Handmaid’s in DC over the weekend, no, you weren’t halluncinating, and no it wasn’t a protest—Hulu’s “Handmaid’s Tale” was in town filming for their upcoming 3rd season
  • Twitter users spotted the shows stars including Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Finnes and more



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