#The411: Miranda Lambert Dumps Salad On Woman, This Is Us End Date & More!


Miranda Lambert Dumps Salad On Woman’s Lap

  • TMZ reports that Miranda was dining with her mother and a friend at a steakhouse in Nashville when an older man started getting into it with Miranda’s friend
  • The argument allegedly began in the bathroom, when the older gentleman made a comment about millennials and their phones, with things escalating from there
  • Miranda then inserted herself in the middle of the fight, having to be held back by her friend before taking the man’s wife’s salad and dumping it on her lap
  • Police were reportedly called to the scene but Miranda and her party were gone before they arrived
  • Click the tweet above for pictures!


This Is Us Creators Hint At The End

  • In a new interview, showrunners for This Is Us revealed they’ve had an ending in mind for awhile and have about 3 more seasons mapped out
  • They also said when it comes to the grand finale, they won’t leave people hanging


THB Holding Special Valentine’s Day Event

  • In honor of love day, THB is offering red velvet bagels paired with Oreo cream cheese!
  • They’re keeping this delicious duo around through the weekend so don’t panic if you can’t get there today


First Trailer For Frozen 2 Is Here!

  • It dropped yesterday, but it’s worth another mention, and a few watches
  • We don’t learn anything major, and there isn’t any conversation—the trailer is set to music as we watch all our favorite characters back in action….although we can’t be sure what’s really going on


Breaking Bad The Movie Coming To Netflix & AMC

  • A few months ago the only details we had about a Breaking Bad movie was that it was happening
  • Well now we know the movie will go to Netflix first, then to AMC
  • We also know the movie will be a sequel to the series starring Aaron Paul as his iconic character Jesse Pinkman
  • Still no word on if Bryan Cranston will be involved



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