Have You Seen The New Crime App That Just Launch In Maryland?

New app, who dis?

The makers of the Citizen app just launched it here in Baltimore with the goal of helping and protecting people. The Citizen app alerts users to crime and emergencies in real time within a certain radius of where they are. The app uses publicly available information, such as police scanner reports and what not to alert its users to incidents happening near them.

“We’re all about empowering people and giving them situational awareness for their safety,” said Andrew Frame, the developer’s founder and CEO.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the creators of the Citizen app chose to launch it in Baltimore due to the high levels of crime in the city. In the last 4 years alone, Baltimore has earned the title of the most murderous city with over 300 homicides per year. The Citizen app has found success in New York City and San Francisco, and due to Baltimore's proximity to New York City, and considering New York City's success with the app, it's another reason why the creators chose to roll it out in Baltimore.

The Citizen app is available free of charge for both iOS and Google Play.



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