Get Your Valentine's Day Roses Delivered In 1-2 Hours From Amazon Prime!

Amazon really is taking over the world.

Through Amazon Prime Now , you can get your Valentine's Day roses delivered to your loved one in just 1-2 hours! So if you're a procrastinator, this was made for you!

Here are the deets:

  • The roses are Whole Foods Market Whole Trade Roses
  • The roses available right now are grown in Ecuador and Colombia and when you buy them, contributions will go towards scholarships, housing development, and childcare services for the communities in those countries from which the roses have been sourced
  • A bouquet of Whole Foods Market Whole Trade Roses will cost Amazon Prime members $19.99, while the non-members price jumps up to $24.99....which is still pretty good!
  • Amazon Prime Now is available in more than 60 cities and metro areas

Happy Valentine's Day!



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