#The411: Free Wings If You're Single, New Emojis & More

Hooters Is Giving Single People Free Wings This Valentine’s Day

  • It’s back! Hooters annual "Shred Your Ex" event is back
  • Visit Hooters on February 14 th , buy 10 wings, rip up a photo of your ex, and you're going to land 10 boneless wings for free


230 New Emojis Coming Later This Year

  • 59 of the emojis are new, unique designs and 171 account for gender and skin tone variations
  • The new emojis include a yawning face, sloth, orangutan, skunk, ballet shoe, banjo and yo-yo
  • There are also new food emojis to get excited about including a waffle, falafel, juice box, garlic, onion, oyster, ice cube

Facebook Messenger Adds A Delete Button

  • If you send a message on Facebook you wish you didn’t you can finally delete it
  • Facebook has rolled out a delete option for messenger—all you have to do to delete a message from a single or group chat is tap the message and select “delete for everyone”
  • However, you better be sure because you’ve only got 10 minutes to delete it!

Susan Lucci Recovering After Emergency Heart Surgery

  • The soap star is recovering after rushing to the emergency after experiencing chest pain only to find she had 2 blocked arteries
  • One artery was 70% blocked and her main artery was 90% blocked, a condition known as “the widow maker”
  • Susan is doing okay now but if she had ignored it, it definitely would’ve ended in an extreme heart attack or sudden death
  • Susan says she wants women to listen to their bodies because the American Heart Association says heart disease kills 1/3 women resulting in 400,000 deaths each year



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