#The411: Flu Tissues, Free Pizza & Tickets For Superbowl Babies & More!

A Company Is Selling Flu Infested Tissues For $80…..

  • The company Vaev is selling tissues that have already been used by people with colds for $80 a box to customers who are hoping to get sick
  • The company states that, "The simple idea is you choose now to get sick, with the idea in mind that you won't get sick with that same cold later"
  • Despite doctors disapproving of the concept, somehow the company is currently sold out fo these tissues


Pizza Hut Is Rewarding The First Superbowl Baby 

  • Pizza Hut, excuse me, it’s now Pizza Hut Hut as they’re the official pizza sponsor of the NFL is offering a year of free pizza and tickets to next year’s Superbowl for the first baby born after kickoff
  • To enter, parents with a baby born during the game simply need to post a photo on Twitter of their newest arrival (including exact time of birth) tagging @PizzaHut in the post and using the hashtags #PizzaHutSpecialDelivery and #promotion


TLC Airing Special on Meghan Markle/Kate Middleton Feud

  • The 1 hour special, “Kate v. Meghan: Princesses At War?” will explore the relationship between the two, as well as their husbands Prince Harry and Prince William
  • It says with input from Royal experts, the special reportedly hopes to figure out if and why the Royal “Fab Four” is at odds
  • It airs February 5 th at 10pm on TLC


The Bronx Zoo Will Let You Name A Cockroach After Your Ex This Valentine’s Day


More Help For Valentine’s Day

  • Instead of trying to make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and spending a boat load of money, stay home this year and just make heart shaped ravioli from Costco
  • It’s an Italian 4 cheese ravioli and 2 20oz. bags will run you just under $10



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