#The411: Sweetheart Candy, McDonald's Bacon Hour & Donations Needed at BWI

BWI Accepting Food Donations for TSA Agents

  • There are currently 600 federal workers at BWI not getting paid due to the government shutdown
  • BWI announced they’re accepting food donations for their TSA agents through tomorrow, all non perishable food is welcome
  • Donations can be dropped off at the MDTA Police Station on the lower level by Door 14 and several other locations at the airport between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day

Sweethearts Candies Not Available This Valentine’s Day

  • According to the Spangler Candy Company, who bought NECCO and Sweethearts last year, the iconic heart shaped candies with sayings like, “I love you,” “Cutie Pie,” “ooh la la” and more will not be produced this year
  • The company did say the candy will relaunch in time for Valentine’s Day next year….still not answering why we can’t get them this year

Anne Hathaway Pledges Sobriety For The Next 18 Years

  • Anne Hathaway revealed on Ellen that after touring rum bars with her “Serenity” co-star Matthew McConaughey and his wife, and then having to go to a meeting with her director the next day hung over, that she will be giving up drinking until her son turns 18—he’s 2 right now
  • She said he’s at an age where he needs her all the time and after doing 1 school run hung over, (and she wasn’t even driving) that was enough

Hulu Price Change

  • Hulu with Live TV, a cable-like package with CNN, ESPN and a few dozen other channels over the internet, will increase from $40-$45 a month starting Feb. 26—Hulu is looking to make that service more profitable plus the new pricing is on par with other comparative services
  • Regular Hulu will decrease from $8-$6 while the ad free version stays at $12

McDonald’s Bacon Hour

  • McDonald’s bacon hour will hook you up with 2 free slices of bacon on the side with any menu item
  • It’s to promote their 3 new bacon-centric menu items, the Big Mac with bacon, the Quarter Pounder with Bacon and the highly anticipated Cheesy Bacon Fries, which hit menus next Wednesday 1/30
  • “Bacon Hour” will take place next Tuesday 1/29 from 4-5pm
Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Returning To Theaters

  • In honor of it’s 80th anniversary, the Wizard of Oz is returning to over 700 theaters for 3 days only—beginning Sunday 1/27 & then additional dates on the following Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Click here to grab tickets!


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