Restaurants Use These Restaurant Tricks To get You To Spend More Money...

Everyone loves going out to a restaurant to be waited on but we don't always love the prices that come along with a nice dinner out. Well restaurants are trying their best to get us to spend the big bucks when we go out to eat with their menu lay outs. 

The money saving site says many eateries have menus designed to steer you to purchase more expensive items, check out the way in which they do it below:

  • Expensive "anchor" items printed larger than other options.
  • Expensive chef specials highlighted in a box, to draw your eye.
  • First-in-show tactics, where the most profitable items like steak and lobster are listed highest, and the inexpensive chicken dish is listed last, far down the menu
  • Well-known, premium names, such as "Jack Daniels-infused" barbecue sauce, to justify a higher price.
  • Homespun names, such as "Grandma's cookies" to justify a higher price.
  • Fancier ethnic names for standard items, like pasta e fagoli, instead of its English term, macaroni with beans, which costs about $2 per serving make.

And as far as those disappearing dollar signs go, it's intentional. Nothing drives me more insane than when prices aren't included when you go to check a menu online. Well looks like that's intentional too. Restaurants have started dropping dollar signs and even prices all together from certain things to get us to spend more money! Studies have shown people often spend more when they don't see dollar signs, because that symbol reminds you that you are spending your hard earned money.

So, in conclusion, take your time while ordering and keep in mind these sneaky little tricks!



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