Walmart Is Selling An Actual Reese's Bouquet For Valentine's Day

So Walmart is actually selling an entire bouquet made out of Reese's candy for Valentine's Day and this dumb hallmark holiday just got a whole lot easier!


Walmart's "Reese's Extravaganza Bouquet" is a tad pricey, currently being sold for $44.99, which in reality you could probably get a real bouquet of flowers for that kinda money but this is America's candy we're talking about here so be smart. 

This bouquet is large and obnoxious and bright orange but isn't that what love is? (minus the orange part)

Walmart is describing the bouquet as "the perfect gift for special occasions or just because. This beautifully wrapped extravaganza bouquet will show your loved one how much you care."

If for some ungodly reason, your significant other would prefer another candy, Walmart also has Twizzler, Baby Ruth, Ferrero Rocher, and Kit Kat versions of the same bouquet-like structure. Oh! And there's an M&M one, too. 



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