#The411: This New Tech Gadget Prevents Your Kid From Getting Lost

New Tech Gadget Keeps Kids From Getting Lost

  • Jiobit  just won this year’s Babylist Best in Baby Tech Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas
  • Jiobit is a tracking device that’s small and lightweight and kids can wear it on their belt loop, shoelace, or hidden inside a shirt
  • The tracker syncs to a grown-up’s phone so they can find their kiddo anywhere, anytime, with no distance limits
  • It ranges from $100-$150 and the service is $8 a month

The Oscars Won’t Have A Host

  • Looks like the rumors are true, for the first time in 3 decades, the Oscars will not have a host
  • The Academy will apparently rely on a group of A-listers to introduce segments and keep the show moving forward
  • Apparently the Academy was considering welcoming back Kevin Hart, who was originally supposed to host the show but stepped down after homophobic comments resurfaced on Twitter, IF his appearance on Ellen went well…but it didn’t
  • Hart’s appearance on Ellen backfired, presenting him as a victim of online trolls and haters
  • Furthermore, it was confirmed he will not host the Oscars after his appearance on Good Morning America yesterday  where he repeatedly said I am over it and confirmed he wouldn’t be hosting
  • The Academy awards air live on February 24th on ABC

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos & Wife Mackenzie Getting Divorced

  • After 25 years of marriage, the world’s richest couple is getting a divorce
  • It seems fairly amicable, the couple released a joint statement saying “we remain a family and we remain cherished friends”
  • No word on if there was a prenup but there’s $160 billion dollars up for grabs

A Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival Is Coming

  • A 50th anniversary celebration festival of the original Woodstock is set for August 16-18th in Watkins Glen, NY…about 150 miles from the original site
  • The original co-creator of the 1969 Woodstock is behind this and he says there will be over 40 performers, old & new with some of the original bands making an appearance
  • The concert will be live streamed online if you don’t want to actually go there


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