So I Tried Trader Joe's Cauliflower Cheese Pizza & OH MY GOD !!!!

Okay so if you follow along with me and my adventures on Instagram, @onairfran, you know I'm an avid food lover!

I don't discriminate, I love all food! Including these amazing tacos from La Calle Baltimore.


I also LOVE pizza, I think my favorite in the city would definitely be Matthew's in Canton!


But when I'm not dining out and about in Baltimore, I *try* to cook and eat pretty healthy at home, which has brought me to Trader Joe's Cheese Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust! I visit Trader Joe's pretty sporadically but I had heard great things about their line of cauliflower products so alas, I paid my local Trader Joe's a visit.

OH. MY. GOD. Listen, I loooove pizza, I basically live for it and this was actually really, really good. The crust crisped up really nicely, I could taste the cauliflower a little bit but it wasn't overwhelming, it was super thin and crispy and a great ratio of cheese to sauce to crust. The only thing I would say is the center of the pizza didn't crisp the way I wanted it to, but that could've been my bad for not leaving it in long enough.

It's only 250 calories per serving, and a serving is ONE THIRD of the pizza. It has 14 grams of protein and it's ready super quickly, 10-15 max!

So if you live and die by pizza but want to watch whatcha eat, try this out!



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