Little Sophia Grace Who Went Viral On "Ellen" Is All Grown Up Now

It seems like it was just yesterday that Ellen DeGeneres introduced us to 8 year old Sophia Grace & her 5 year old cousin Rosie, both from the UK, who had gone viral for their obsession and performance of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.


Well that was back in 2011 and now eight years later, Sophia Grace is 15 years old and a whole different person. She just released a new rap video where she can be heard at the beginning of the video saying, "People saying they want me to be the same as I was before. It annoys me because I'm not that person anymore and they always ask me to go back to how I was, but I'm different and that's not who I am, so I want to show people I'm a different person now and I've changed, but that's OK because everyone changes." 

Check out Sophia Grace's video for Can't Sleep!



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