My Top 5 Favorite Movies Of 2018!

5. A Quiet Place

I totally put this movie out of my mind originally because I thought it was a horror movie and I'm TERRIFIED of everything. But then my mom watched it and said I was in the clear and while I jumped a few times, it was one of my favorite movies of the year. It's totally silent, and even without a dialogue, i was glued to the screen the entire time. If you're sleeping on this movie like I was, STOP, and go watch it!


4. Crazy Rich Asians

I have seen virtually every rom com imaginable and I kind of expected this to be a lot of the same but oh my god was I wrong. I dragged my boyfriend to this and even he left saying how good it was. 


3. The Christmas Chronicles

I'm a huge sucker for Christmas movies and I like my classic ones, I'm not about changing up holiday tradition with a million "original" holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel. However, I was totally blown away with the original Christmas movie on Netflix, The Christmas Chronicles. It stars Kurt Russell and it's totally original but in the most classic way possible. I might even be adding it to my yearly holiday must watch list!


2. Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen is my favorite band, and Freddy Mercury is my favorite human. I literally left sobbing thiking about his life and how one of the greatest talents of all time was taken from us WAY too early. 


1. A Star Is Born

I went and saw this with my best friend and we went to dinner afterwards, uncontrollably sobbing, to the point people were asking us if we were okay. This movie is a must watch with tissues and chocolate and holy moly you will run through every single emotion you have. If this doesn't win everything single award I'm quitting life. 



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