Google Releases Their Top Searches Of the Year

Top Ten U.S. Google Searches of 2018

  1. World Cup
  2. Hurricane Florence
  3. Mac Miller
  4. Kate Spade
  5. Anthony Bourdain
  6. Black Panther
  7. Mega Millions Results
  8. Stan Lee
  9. Demi Lovato
  10. Election Results

Google also released the top “How To” questions of the year, and it seems the midterm elections influenced the top question, “how to vote,” with “how to register to vote” coming in second. And it seems a lot of folks were dreaming of striking it rich, with "how to play Mega Millions" coming in third.

Top Ten U.S. Google “How To” Searches of 2018

  1. How to vote
  2. How to register to vote
  3. How to play Mega Millions
  4. How to buy Ripple
  5. How to turn off automatic updates
  6. How to get the old Snapple back
  7. How to play Powerball
  8. How to buy Bitcoin
  9. How to screen record
  10. How to get boogie down emote


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