#The411: OJ's Former Manager Says He Can Prove He Did It...With Help

OJ’s Former Manager Speaks Out

  • OJ’s former manager is shopping around a new documentary that he says will prove that OJ not only committed the murders of his ex wife and friend that he was acquitted of, but will also prove he didn’t act alone
  • OJ's former manager worked with him for over 20 years and claims to have over 70 hours of video of OJ that no one has ever seen
  • He says, “We have assembled a team of internationally renowned criminal investigators, experts and lawyers, who are able to prove OJ was involved in their deaths and had at least one accomplice”
  • No word on when this will air, it’s being pitched to major networks & streaming services next week

Everyone Is Mad At Rudolph

  • CBS airs all the classic Christmas specials every year, but when Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer aired on Tuesday night, Twitter lit up with angry people
  • Some of the remarks include:

"#RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer teaching kids since 1964 that your peers will only accept your differences if you can provide them with some kind of service."

"Has anyone else noticed that within the first five minutes of #RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer two characters get bullied?"

"Oh no. It’s #RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer I don’t have strength to watch this again. Those poor elves. That bully with the whip. Abusive deer. Dentist shaming. Unloved toys. It’s too much."

The Handmaid’s Tale Sequel Is Coming

  • Margaret Atwood’s novel turned TV show The Handmaid’s Tale is getting a sequel, and she says it’s due to “the world we’ve been living in” & public demand
  • In case you don’t know, the Handmaid’s Tale is about a totalitarian society in which women are property and used for reproductive services
  • The Testaments will be published next September


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