#The411: Judge Jerry Is Coming

Judge Jerry Is Coming

  • The long running “Jerry Springer Show” came to end back in June but now he’s back with a show that’s the polar opposite of what he’s known for
  • NBC has announced “Judge Jerry’ is set to debut in fall of 2019
  • He’s actually quite qualified & accomplished…he has his JD from Northwestern University, he was a political campaign adviser for Robert F. Kennedy, and served as mayor of Cincinnati

Amanda Bynes Sets The Record Straight

  • Amanda Bynes has had a tumultuous few years filled with bizarre bouts of tweeting and public appearances, she suffered a public breakdown in 2013 and was placed under an involuntary psych hold
  • Most people assumed she was suffering from a mental health issue, but as she sets straight in a new interview with Paper Magazine, she suffered from a drug problem
  • She says she became depressed after seeing herself on screen in She’s The Man & Hairspray, she began abusing adderall and experimenting with other drugs like cocaine & ecstasy and it all spiraled downward from that point on
  • She’s now 4 years sober & is excited to get back into acting & continuing her education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA

Dyson’s New Vacuum For Kids Is Really For Mom

  • One of the hottest toys this season is finally a practical one
  • Dyson has released a miniature version of its ball vacuum for kids and it actually vacuums
  • Of course it’s not as powerful as the full sized but it still does the trick
  • You can snag it on Amazon for just about $20!


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