#The411: Miranda Lambert Says She Only Hit #1 Because She Sang With A Dude

Miranda Lambert Believes She Only Hit #1 Again Because She Sang With A Dude

  • Miranda Lambert hit #1 this year with “Drowns The Whiskey,” and she believes that’s only because she sang with a dude
  • She opened up to the Washington Post saying, “Yes, I had to sing with someone with a penis to get a number one, I do like this person, Jason Aldean, a lot ... so it was a great song with an old friend."
  • She adds, "It is interesting that I haven't had even a Top 20 in a long, long time. And then it goes number one because it's a dude.”
  • But then she said, "But you know — if we went and looked at how many singles or records were sold for the Top 10 songs right now, I'd probably triple it on record sales. So it doesn't matter" in reference to her group the Pistol Annies latest album debuting at #1

Game of Thrones To Premiere April 2019

  • HBO released another trailer for the last season of GOT yesterday revealing the last season will premiere in April of 2019
  • There will only be 8 episodes in the final season and some might exceed the traditional hour time slot
  • No new footage was revealed however we do get a glimpse into who survives and the casualties of the final season

Monica Lewinsky Speaks

  • Monica Lewinsky is opening up about the 1998 affair she had with then President Clinton for A&E’s new docuseries “The Clinton Affair”
  • She said she’s choosing to open up now because it’s finally the time in our society where women can “tell our own stories in our own words”
  • When asked if she believes Bill Clinton owes her an apology, he doesn’t believe he does for the record, she said what’s more important is his own evaluation of himself, saying she’s less disappointed by him as she is for him
  • She also mentioned should she ever see Hilary Clinton again,. She would muster up whatever courage she has and apologize to her…again
  • The Clinton Affair premieres Sunday night on A&E

Another New Toy Story 4 Trailer

  • Pixar has released another trailer for Toy Story 4 and this time it features new characters voiced by Keegan Michael Key & Jordan Peele
  • Toy Story 4 premieres in June of 2019


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