#The411: Stan Lee Passes Away

The Godfather of Comics Stan Lee Passes Away

  • Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel Universe, passed away yesterday morning after being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., he was 95
  • He began working on comic books back in 1939 at Timely Comics, which later became Marvel
  • He created everything from Superman to Iron Man, Black Panther, Deadpool, Captain America, the X-Men, and Falcon, the first African American superhero back in the 1960s
  • He had cameos in almost all of the live action films as well

Toy Story 4 Trailer Is Here

  • The first teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 has arrived and features a new character, forky, voiced by Tony Hale
  • Tom Hanks, who’s voices Woody said the last day of filming was extremely emotion, and he didn’t want to look at anyone else because he was getting so chocked up
  • Tim Allen who voices Buzz Lightyear, agrees with Hanks saying, "It is so emotional; it's so funny; it's so big. The idea they've come up with, I'm startled"
  • Toy Story 4 premieres next June

Celebrities Are Doing Their Part In The CA Wildfires

  • Thousands  of people are being evacuated due to the California wildfires that are raging out of control
  • The Camp Fire is now the deadliest in the state’s history with the death toll rising into the 40s
  • The Woosley fire is only about 30% contained
  • A wide range of celebrities have been affected, being evacuated or losing their homes such as Gerard Butler, Neil Young, Miley Cyrus…but celebrities are stepping up to help
  • Kim & Kanye West have hired a private team of fire fighters to fight the fire in and around their neighborhood, saving their home and their entire neighborhood
  • Sandra Bullock has donated $100,00 to the Humane Society of Ventura County giving aid to animals evacuated during the fires
  • If you'd like to help, please click here for more resources 


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