#The411: Aaron Paul Confirmed His Return For Breaking Bad The Movie


Breaking Bad The Movie In The Works

  • BB writer/creator Vince Gilligan is working on the Breaking Bad movie
  • It’ll be a sequel to the TV show following Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman in the immediate aftermath of  the show’s series finale
  •  All the rumors have it that Aaron Paul will return to bring his character back to life
  • Bryan Cranston who played Walter White has said he would absolutely be down to reprise his character, but hasn’t been asked yet
  • No word on a release date just yet but it could be coming to theaters or just TV

Cracker Barrel Is Offering A Full Thanksgiving Dinner For Just $10 Per Person

  • The Heat n’ Serve Holiday Family Meal To-Go serves 10 people and costs $109.99, which comes out to a little more than $10 per person, you can also opt for the 6 person option for $68
  •  It features two turkey breasts, cornbread dressing, turkey gravy, cranberry relish, sweet yeast rolls, a pumpkin pie, and a pecan pie
  • You can also pick three sides: green been casserole, green beans, fried apples, cornbread dressing, hash browns, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, carrots, and corn
  • Snag them from the store between November 17 and November 25 & they take just 2 hours to prepare
  • If you’d like to skip the home prep all together, you can just have Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel for $12.99 per person & $7.99 for kids
  • Order your Thanksgiving dinner here!

Sleepless In Seattle Returning To Theaters

  • The classic rom com starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan turns 25 this year and in honor of its anniversary, 400 theaters across the country will host screenings for just 2 nights only
  • It’ll return to theaters Dec. 2nd & 5th and you can visit fathomevents.com for tickets


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