#The411: Megyn Kelly Is As Good As Gone At NBC


Megyn Kelly Is Likely Out At Today

  • On Tuesday’s show, Megyn Kelly and her panel had a candid discussion about Halloween costumes and what’s offensive and what isn’t...Megyn went on to defend blackface as long as it pertained to a costume
  • Her comments were met with extreme disgust all around and it looks like her days are numbered
  • She apologized on yesterday’s show, after NBC itself gave airtime to other anchors like Al Roker & Craig Melvin who condemned her comments and called for an apology
  • Her ratings have suffered from the get go, never reaching NBC standards or the previous program in that time slot hosted by Al Roker and Tamron Hall
  • Since the controversy, her management agency has dropped her, she will not be hosting this morning’s show at 9am, and several outlets are reporting her show will be cancelled in a matter of weeks…there are also reports that she’s already been in talks with NBC to return to her news and politics roots and there have been discussion before this controversy arose about how to end the show before the end of the year
  • Kelly is currently in the middle of a 3 year, $70 million dollar deal

Forbes Highest Paid Actors of 2018

  • Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory,” plus producing “Young Sheldon”): $26.5-million
  • Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory”): $25-million
  • Kunal Nayyar – tied (“The Big Bang Theory”): $23.5-million
  • Simon Helberg – tied (“The Big Bang Theory”): $23.5-million
  • Mark Harmon (“NCIS”): $19-million
  • Ed O’Neill (“Modern Family”): $14-million
  • Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”): $13.5-million
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Modern Family”): $13-million
  • Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”): $12-million
  • Andrew Lincoln (“The Walking Dead”): $11-million

David Schwimmer Look A Like Wanted By British Police

  • If you happen to see Ross from Friends in any type of wanted capacity, don’t panic, it’s not Ross from Friends or David Schwimmer
  • A guy looking eerily like the “Friends” actor was caught on CCTV footage buying a case of beer after a theft, and British police even went as far as confirming Schwimmer wasn’t in the UK at the time
  • This guy is such a dead ringer for Schwimmer he has now provided an alibi for his whereabouts during the time of the theft

McDonald's Adding New Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Triple Breakfast Stacks will hit menus on November 1
  • They're modified versions of McDonald's popular Egg McMuffin -- they will include two slices of American cheese, two sausage patties, bacon and an egg, The sandwiches are available on a McMuffin, biscuit, or McGriddles cakes.


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