#The411: Lady Gaga's Fans Are Reportedly Releasing Fake Venom Reviews

Lady Gaga Fans Accused of Fake “Bad Reviews” of Venom

  • Gaga’s fan base, Little Monsters are accused of curating fake “bad reviews” about Venom, the newest Marvel movie hitting theaters tomorrow, the same day as Gaga’s film A Star Is Born
  • A series of tweets read:
  • Extremely disappointed with the let down that #Venom…. was One of the films I was most excited for turned out to be the worst film. Hate to say that considering I am the biggest Venom fan... Looks like i’ll be taking my family to #AStarIsBorn instead!!
  • "I am the biggest marvel fan but I just watched #Venom and I don't know what to say."
  • “Worst 2 hours of my life…I’ll be taking my wife to see A star Is Born with Bradley Cooper on Friday, their song Shallow is great…”
  • One of the accounts who shared a fake negative review of "Venom" told the outlet, "It's us Gaga fans creating fake IDs to trash the 'Venom' premiere. They both are getting released on the same day, so we want more audience for 'A Star Is Born.'
  • Venom is predicted to beat A Star is Born at the box office

Another Day, Another Disney Remake

  • Disney’s 2002 animated film Lilo & Stitch is being made into a live action/CG-hybrid film
  • Release date is slated for next year

Kate Hudson Welcomes Baby Girl

  • Kate Hudson has welcomed a baby girl, Ronnie, with BF Danny Fujikawa
  • The couple named their daughter after Danny’s late dad


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