#The411: Taylor Swift Is Returning To TV


Taylor Swift Is Opening The AMA’s

  • She already has 19 AMA but she’s nominated for Artist of the Year
  • She’ll open the show with a track off her reputation album “I Did Something Bad”
  • It’ll be her first awards show performance in over 3 years
  • Catch the show on October 9th on ABC

Bieber & Baldwin Are Technically Married

  • It looks like they are actually hitched, tying the knot in the NYC courthouse last month despite denying it
  • Bieber has started publicly referring to Hailey as his wife, with multiple sources confirming it’s indeed true
  • Apparently they don’t consider themselves married though until it’s in the eyes of God with a proper ceremony which is evidently happening sometime next year in either upstate NY or Canada
  • There is no prenup

Arrests Made In Celebrity Burglaries

  • 3 teenagers & one of their mothers were arrested for a string of high profile robberies
  • L-A Rams receiver Robert Woods, Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig and Rihanna and Christina Milian were among the victims
  • A reported "planned hit list" included Matt Damon, LeBron James and Viola Davis.
  • According to authorities, after obtaining a search warrant, more than $50-thousand in cash, designer handbags, watches and jewelry, as well as a stolen vehicle at one of the suspects’ homes was recovered.
  • The burglars would monitor their social media to find out when they were out of town and then strike


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