Here's Everything Netflix Cancelled

Marco Polo

Netflix cancelled this show after just 2 seasons, probably because the budget was ridiculous at $180 million dollars and I've literally never heard of it. 


Seven Seconds

Netflix pulled the plug after just 1 season of the drama about a young African American boy who was killed & his cover up. Some say it was supposed to be a standalone season and go no further, but I watched close to 5 episodes and couldn't get behind it.



Netflix is cancelling Bloodline after its current 3rd season. For the record, tried to watch this show too & just couldn't 


Haters Back Off

This only lasted 2 seasons but it was created by YouTuber Miranda Sings, who has 5 million followers on YouTube so we'll probably see this in some capacity on that platform. 


The Killing

So The Killing is finally dead. It was cancelled twice while at AMC, then Netflix took ownership and started cranking out new episodes, and now they aren't, because they've cancelled it.  


Netflix Presents: The Characters

The sketch comedy series that offered stand-up comics the chance to write and star in their own episodes was canceled after just one season, likely because of low viewership. 



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