#The411: Bert & Ernie Are Gay & Sesame Street Isn't Having It

Bert & Ernie Are Gay

  • Mark Saltzman joined Sesame Street as a writer in 1984 and created the iconic duo Ernie & Bert 
  • In a new interview he revealed in his mind, Bert & Ernie were a romantic couple, modeled after his own relationship with his partner, film editor Arnold Glassman
  • He said he was Ernie and his partner Arnie was Bert
  • Sesame Street has been denying these allegations for years and continue to do so today, "As we have always said, Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves."
  • Sesame Street also said Bert & Ernie are puppets and do not have a sexual orientation

Michael Jordan Donating $2 Million To Hurricane Florence Relief

  • Michael Jordan is a North Carolina native and will donate $2 million dollars to Hurricane Florida disaster relief
  • He was born & raised in Wilmington & owns the Charlotte Hornets, so, in addition to his donation, the team’s players and staff will help pack disaster food boxes that’ll go to those directly affected
  • He, the Hornets & the NBA have launched a donation platform with verified local organizations & I’ve got that info up if you’d like to donate to the relief

Julie Chen Makes It Official

  • Julie Chen did in fact make her exit from The Talk official yesterday with a recorded message during the show
  • She did not mention the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding her now ousted husband and former CBA CEO Les Moonves but did say she’s leaving to spend more time with him and their son at home

There’s A “Cry Pretty” Snapchat Filter

  • You can now cry pretty just like Carrie Underwood with her new filter on Snapchat
  • The Cry Pretty Snapchat filter features the glitter tears we’ve seen on her new album and in her new video


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