#The411: Serena Williams Fined $17k In US Open Violations


Serena Williams Fined 17k In Violations At US Open

  • Serena Williams was driven to tears arguing with the chair umpire at the US Open over the weekend
  • She received 2 warnings during the match, one for allegedly receiving coaching which she disputed even though afterwards her coach admitted to signaling
  • She received a 2nd warning for smashing her racket, leading to more arguing & a loss of a point
  • She then called the umpire a thief resulting in a third warning for quote “verbal abuse” which ended up costing her a game
  • There’s a lot of debate on whether or not this whole ordeal was sexist or not as many people said way worse things have happened in men’s matches without consequence, while others said she was being a brat

Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn Leaving Project Runway

  • After 16 seasons, the fashion duo is leaving Project Runway to team up with Amazon Fashion for a new series
  • Not  a lot of details have been released other than the new series will focus on, storytelling, competition & authenticity

ICYMI: Miss America Crowned

  • Miss New York Nia Franklin crowned Miss America last night in Atlantic City
  • She’s the first woman crowned that didn’t compete in the swimsuit competition which was replaced by an interview portion

Nike Online Sales Have Spiked

  • Despite the backlash & boycott after running ads featuring Colin Kaepernick, Nike’s online sales increased 31% over LDW, up from 17% last year
  • Nike stock initially fell over three-percent after the shoe company announced its endorsement deal with Kaepernick, but shares have since begun their rebound

Smokey & The Bandit Back In Theaters

  • Smokey and the Bandit will return to theaters as a tribute to the late Burt Reynolds
  • The 1977 comedy will play at 240 AMC locations from September 12th to September 20th with a $5 ticket price (or lower).

Free Coffee For The Ravens Win!

  • Don't forget your free medium hot or iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts this morning in honor of the Ravens win!


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