#The411: Why Miranda Lambert & Evan Felker Broke Up

Why Did Miranda Lambert & Evan Felker Split?

  • Miranda Lambert is back on the market, again, and now we know it’s because her most recent boyfriend, Evan Felker, broke one of her rules
  • The insider says, “I don’t think it was a dramatic split, but he knew what he was ‘allowed’ to do based on her rules and he broke them. He did something that he knew she wasn’t going to approve of, she assumed he did it, and he didn’t deny it.”
  • No word on what the rules was or how exactly broke it, but apparently Miranda assumed something happened & Evan didn’t deny it

3rd Hacker In Celebrity Photo Leak Sentenced

  • Jennifer Lawrence is finally getting justice with another man being sentence after hacvking her iCloud & releasing nude photos of the actress back in 2014
  • George Garofano has been sentenced to 3 years of supervised release & 60 hours of community service
  • Garofano is 1 of 4 men arrested in the celebrity iCloud photo leak scandal that released nude pictures of not just J Law but also Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Rihanna & more

Mixed Feelings on Louis CK’s Return To Comedy

  • Many people weren’t happy with Louis CK’s return to comedy this past weekend when he took the stage at New York’s Comedy Cellar
  • He’s been laying low for the last 9 months after admitted to acting inappropriately with several women
  • But other venues in the Big Apple say they'd do the same-- Caroline's, the Friars Club, Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club all say he's welcome back

Alec Baldwin Pulls Out Of Joker Movie

  • Just days after the announcement, Alec Baldwin is pulling out citing scheduling issues
  • He told USA Today, I’m no longer doing that movie, I’[m sure there are 25 guys who can play that part


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