Ben & Jerry's Has Created *Snackable* Cookie Dough

I sit here trying to write something about how iconic these snackable cookie dough bites are but I have no words tbh.

I guess Ben & Jerry's just doesn't want anyone to be on a diet. 

These are the same exact bites they use in their famous ice cream and now you can just eat them by the fist full like a total savage. AND THEY HAVE FLAVORS. Plain choclate chip or peanut butter chocolate chip, omg. 

There is one silver lining depending on how you look at this, they're currently in the testing phase and only available in the birthplace of Ben & Jerry's, Vermont. The company has been sending out PR packages to "foodstagrammers" like Junk banter & Snack Betch and usually if they get good reviews and the people call for it, they'll start being released in other places.

So moral of the story, if you want to throw away your diet call Ben & Jerry's and demand these be a thing where you live!



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