There Is MAJOR Drama Happening In The YouTube Beauty Community Right Now...

OKAY SO....if you pay attention to the beauty community on YouTube whatsoever, you know there's some major drama happening atm. I'm v confused TBH but I'm trying to sift through it, here's what I *think* is going on.

So Manny MUA, Laura Lee, Nikita Dragon & Gabriel Zamora are all beauty YouTubers with millions of followers.


They were all friends with fellow beauty YouTuber & makeup mogul Jeffree Star at one point. Jeffree has had his own scandals and came under fire for his own racist comments, in one video from years past he's seen claiming he would throw battery acid on a black girl's face to lighten her skin tone, and refers to women who he's feuded with as the C word. 

Jeffree has apologized numerous times, prompting a debate on whether or not he deserves forgiveness. Fans were shown a different side of Jeffree after fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson uploaded a 5 part series titled "The Secret Life of Jeffree Star." It's v good I recommend watching it ASAP. 


So the foursome began feuding with Jeffree, (not entirely sure why) but it prompted Jeffree's fans to dig up dirt on them. AND OH DID THEY DELIVER. Let's begin with Laura Lee....

Laura Lee

Jeffree's fans dug up Laura Lee's racist tweets from 2012 and fat shaming retweets from 2013. Most noteably a now deleted tweet that read “Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster.. #yourwelcome.” 

Just yesterday we found out every major sponsorship has dropped Laura Lee amid the scandal. Her brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles, had a launch scheduled with Ulta, who has cancelled and cut ties. BoxyCharm and Diff Eyewear have cancelled and removed her collaborations, and Morphe Brushes, who's had a years long partnership with Lee has removed her products from their website. She posted an apology video which fans don't seem to be accepting, she's lost over half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 


Manny MUA

Manny once referred to Jeffree Star as his best friend, the two even launched a collaboration together. Apparently Jeffree's fans couldn't find any racist tweets from Manny but he ended up posting his own apology video about a fan meet and greet gone bad. Seemingly unrelated to the core of the scandal affecting his friends but amplified none the less because of what's going on. He also apologized to Gabriel Zamora, you'll understand why as you keep reading. 


Gabriel Zamora

So remember that "Secret Life of Jeffree Star" series I mentioned before. Well it was widely praised, with over 75 million views. For whatever reason (I still can't figure it out!) it didn't sit well with Gabriel Zamora, another beauty YouTuber. He posted on Twitter a photo of himself, Laura Lee, Manny MUA and Nikita Dragun giving the finger to the camera. Fans accepted that as a jab at Jeffree because the caption read, "bitch is bitter because we're doing better without him." Click here to see the original tweet & photo. 

He also followed up with another tweet saying "imagining stanning a racist? I could never." (Stan is an intense fan BTW)

Well Jeffree's fans went digging and found a racist tweet of Zamora's using the n-word. (He's mexican, if that matters) 

Zamora quickly apologized and posted his own video.  


His video basically put it all out there, giving us more insight into what was going on behind the scenes. He pretty much sides with Jeffree Star and condemns Manny MUA. 


Nikita Dragun

Dragun was not spared but Jeffree's fans, they dug up old, offensive tweets of her's about child abuse which she's only addressed pretty generally in her Instagram stories. Her Instagram stories apology doesn't seem to be received well. 


Here's Why You Should Care

On the one hand, you can hold these past comments as hard truths and never forget, and refuse to believe people have changed. Or on the other hand, you can choose to believe people can grow and change and comments from years ago don't always reflect present day views. 

It poses a larger question about online behavior and accountability.

Regardless, I was a big fan of all these beauty YouTubers and now I am sad and disappointed. Please be kind to one another, spread love, not hate, xo

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