Olive Garden Is SELLING Unlimited Pasta Passes!

Calling all pasta lovers!


You've seen Olive Garden's promotions on TV, unlimited pasta bowls, buy one take one, but starting tomorrow you can purchase an unlimited pasta pass good for the entire year!

1000 passes are up for grabs starting tomorrow (8/23) at 2pm ET along with 23,000 passes with a shelf life of 8 weeks. (IDK how they got those numbers)

Annual passes are going for $300 a pop and 8 week passes are on sale for $100. Apparently when Olive Garden ran this promotion last year all the passes sold out in literally 1 second. Enlist your friends, mom, dad, mailman, whatever you have to do because you're definitely going to need more than 1 device for this. 

Click here for details & to purchase! 



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