#The411: Aerosmith Is Doing Vegas!


Aerosmith Heading To Vegas

  • Aerosmith performed on the Today Show yesterday & announced they’re heading to the MGM in Last Vegas for a residency beginning next April
  • Front man Steven Tyler said,  "we want to bring a show in there we really can't do when on the road, on a regular tour"
  • The Grammy award winning band  has been together for 48 years, forming back in 1970

Angelina Jolie Wants Sole Custody

  • We now seemingly know why Angie is digging her heels in when it comes to Brad Pitt, she wants sole custody of the kids
  • A source close to Brad says she “sees the writing on the wall and knows joint custody is imminent”
  • Sources with knowledge of the case claim Angelina is driving a wedge in between Brad & the kids so much so the 3 boys don’t want to see him

Ellen DeGeneres Teaming Up With Walmart For Clothing Line

  • Her new women’s clothing line is called EV1 and will mainly consist of denim, but also t-shirts, sneakers and accessories
  • The first collection launches next month with nothing exceeding  $30
  • Ellen says, “We wanted it to appeal and be available to as many people as possible. Plus, it really is adorable.”

Omarosa Won’t Be Joining The Real Housewives

  • King of Bravo, Andy Cohen, is saying absolutely no to Omarosa joining the Real Housewives franchise
  • Real housewife of Dallas, D’Andra Simmons, claims Omarosa would be so amazing on the show
  • TMZ tweeted that out to which Andy Cohen retweeted and said love D’Andra but that’s a hard pass


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