#The411: Tinder Sued For $2 Billion

Tinder Sued for 2 Billion

  • Tinder employees past and present are suing the app’s owners, IAC, for 2 billion dollars claiming the companies that own the app deliberately undervalued it to swindle them out of the money they were owed
  • The companies allegedly downplayed growth & over exaggerated expenses, lowballing Tinder’s estimated value at $3 billion
  • The plaintiffs say they’re "owned options representing more than 20% of the value of Tinder" & with what they’ve requested in the suit, their estimate of Tinder's real value at the time was north of $10 billion
  • It seems there was a merger between Tinder & an IAC subsidiary the Match Group,  followed by a series of demotions & replacements, and eventual terminations
  • IAC claims this is all sour grapes.’

Girl Scouts Announce New Cookie

  • The chewy Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie features rich caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips and a touch of sea salt annnnnnd — it's gluten free!
  • It joins the returning gluten-free cookie Toffee-tastic, which has been available to customers in select areas since 2015

Matt Lauer Shelling Out Major Doe In Divorce Settlement

  • According to Page Six, Matt Lauer feels so guilty about cheating with multiple women he’s giving soon to be ex wife everything she wants in their divorce, including a $20 million dollar payout
  • We’ve also learned Ann allegedly filed for divorce back in 2006 citing “mental abuse, extreme mental and emotional distress, humiliation, torment and anxiety,” after learning that Lauer had been unfaithful. But she withdrew the filing months later after signing the postnup.
  • A source said: “Matt agreed to pay Ann a lump sum of millions back in 2006 as an incentive to stay with him to help him maintain his squeaky clean image as ‘America’s Dad

Forbes List of the Highest-Paid Country Stars for 2018

  • The list takes into account record sales, concert tickets, outside business ventures and endorsement deals.
  • Here are the rankings:
  1. Luke Bryan - $52 million (unseats Garth who was #1 last year)
  2. Garth Brooks - $45 million
  3. Kenny Chesney - $37 million
  4. Zac Brown Band - $31 million
  5. Blake Shelton - $28 million
  6. Florida Georgia Line - $27 million
  7. Jason Aldean - $23 million
  8. Toby Keith - $22 million
  9. Brad Paisley - $20 million
  10. Dolly Parton - $19 million


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