#The411: Aretha Franklin In Hospice Care

Aretha Franklin In Hospice Care

  • An update on the queen of soul, yesterday we found out Aretha Franklin was on her deathbed, surrounded by family & friends in Detroit
  • Today we know, according to CNN, she is receiving hospice care – and there are suggestions that the cancer she fought off nearly a decade ago has returned.
  • Her family is staying positive, saying they believe she will pull through, as does she

Details on Demi’s OD

  • TMZ is reporting Demi overdosed from a bad batch of oxycodone which was laced with fentanyl, the same drug that killed Prince
  • Demi had been using this specific dealer since April & apparently they have a bad habit of buying dirty drugs from Mexico
  • And jutst as you’d expect once the dealer realized Demi was breathing very heavily in bed, they split
  • Currently she’s under the care of a renowned addiction specialist in Chicago

Hailey & The Beibs Not Rushing to the Altar

  • Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber got engaged almost instantaneously after getting back together but are reportedly waiting until next year to actually tie the knot
  • Sources close to the couple swear it’s not because they’re unsure, they’re just in no rush

Charlotte Rae’s COD Revealed

  • Diff Strokes & Facts of Life star Charlotte Rae passed away last Sunday & it turns out she passed away from cardiac arrest, she was also battling salivary gland cancer
  • Rae was also diagnosed with bone cancer last year, she was 92


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