Netflix Round-Up! Here's What's New This Week!

1. The Warning’ - July 24

Like crime dramas? How about A Beautiful Mind? Then you should love this Netflix original film out of Spain about a man who sees a mathematical pattern emerge out of a group of recent murders and races to stop the next victim from being killed.

2. Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial’ - July 24

Netflix loves stand up comedy, but they really love Iliza Schlesinger. This is the former Last Comic Standing winner's fourth special on the streaming service in five years.


3. Cupcake & Dino: General Services' - July 27

This bizarro cartoon dares to ask the question we've all wondering: What would happen if an anthropomorphic cupcake and dinosaur started a Task Rabbit-like business together?


4. Extinction’ - July 27

This new original sci-fi film stars Ant-Man & the Wasp's Michael Peña as a man who has recurring nightmares about an alien invasion... and then the real invasion comes.


5. Orange Is the New Black’: Season 6 - July 27

One of the first Netflix original series to break into the mainstream, and what some would still say is the streaming service's best series, returns for its highly anticipated sixth season.


6. Roman Empire: Reign of Blood: Master of Rome’ - July 27

This Netflix original docuseries, narrated by Sean Bean, shows the bloody history of the Roman Empire in a uniquely entertaining way.


7. 'The Bleeding Edge" - July 27

Think you have enough problems to worry about? Enter this documentary, which will fill you in about the weirdly powerful medical device industry and how it's allegedly putting profits ahead of the safety of patients. Enjoy having something new to stress over!


8. 'The Worst Witch': Season 2 - July 27

This series about a school for witchcraft may look like a Harry Potter ripoff at first glance, but it's actually based on a classic children's novel series by Jill Murphy that was first published in 1974.


9. ‘Welcome to the Family’ - July 27

Not to be confused with the NBC sitcom of the same name, this Catalan language comedy series out of Spain is about a woman who teams up with her stepmother to cover up her father's death after they learn he's written them both out of his will.

10. ‘Shameless’: Season 8 - July 28

The most recent season of the acclaimed Showtime dramedy, which just wrapped up its run in January, is hitting Netflix, allowing you to take in the latest exploits of the Gallagher family.


11. ‘The Company Men’ - July 28

Do you spend too much time at work? Does your work define your life? Then this drama starring Ben Affleck as a man who loses his high-profile job and struggles to find a new identity may help put things in perspective.


12. ‘Her’ - July 29

This 2013 romance film from Spike Jonze is already considered a modern classic, and its story of a man who falls in love with an AI seems even more plausible today given the proliferation of Alexa, Siri, and the like.



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