Why High Heel Crocs Shouldn't Be A Thing

As a society, we have persevered through many unfortunate fashion faux pas; shoulder pads, electric blue eye shadow, socks with sandals, super low cut jeans, the list goes on and on. However, I REFUSE to allow high heel crocs to take our society hostage.

Here's a list of reasons these should not be allowed in our world;

1. My dad wears them! God bless him and they're comfy so they help with the tendinitis in his ankles but he wears navy blue crocs with navy blue sweatpants and a navy blue shirt....

2. THEY'RE $80! You know what you can do with $80? Literally anything else, including buying a different pair of shoes. 

3. They're ugly. A gray croc with purple lining? What can you match to those? NOTHING.

4. Just wear flats. Honestly, who cares about heels anymore anyway? If heels hurt your feet and you want comfort over style, just wear flats. You're better off than parading around in croc high heels. 

5. I feel like this is a scam...just a hunch. 



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