Lay's Launching 8 New Flavors Including Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice!

Mark your calendars for July 30th!


Lay's is set to unveil 8 new potato chip flavors beginning July 30th and each flavor represents a different region of the country, part of Frito Lay's “Taste of America” campaign. Obviously here in Maryland we are most excited for the Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice Flavor but the other flavors look just as intriguing!

  • Cajun Spice - from the Central Gulf region
  • Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice - from the Mid-Atlantic
  • Chile Con Queso - from Texoma, Mountain, and Southern California
  • Deep Dish Pizza - from the Heartland and Mid-America
  • Fried Pickles with Ranch - from the Midwest
  • New England Lobster Roll - from the Northeast
  • Pimento Cheese - from the Southeast
  • Thai Sweet Chili - from the Pacific Northwest


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