#The411: Heather Locklear Arrested & Hospitalized Again

Heather Locklear Arrested & Hospitalized Again

Sunday night Heather Locklear racked up her second battery charge after attacking a police officer & EMT who were responding to a call at the actress' home. She was reportedly drunk and agitated and punched the officer who attempted to separate her from her family. She also kicked one of the emergency personnel. They took her to the hospital for evaluation and then to jail where she was booked. She was held on $20-thousand dollars bail. After making bail hours later, she allegedly overdosed & was rushed to the hospital. An insider said that her condition is stable and she’s getting the necessary treatment. 

Couple Sues Dollywood

Dolly Parton might be on the hook for more than $2 million dollars if a couple wins their lawsuit against Dolly & her theme park, Dollywood. TMZ reports a woman claims she suffered a severe spinal in jury on the Splash Country ride because the park failed to properly warn patrons of its potential dangers.  

Russel Crowe To Play Roger Ailes

In his first regular TV role, Russell Crowe will play Roger Ailes in The Loudest Voice in the Room, an eight-episode Showtime series about the rise of FOX News. Ailes is credited with reshaping television news across several decades, including running Fox News for 20 years. He was forced out of the company in 2016 after being accused of sexually harassing Fox News staffers, and then died a year later.

Sean Spicer Getting His Own Talk Show?

Sean Spicer is looking to become the next Oprah. The former White House Press Secretary will shoot a pilot for a TV talk show called Sean Spicer’s Common Ground next month. According to the New York Times, a pitch sheet describes the show as featuring Spicer talking with “some of the most interesting and thoughtful public figures for a drink and some lite conversation at a local pub or cafe.” It continues, “The relaxed atmosphere is an ideal setting for Sean to get to know his guests as they discuss everything from the media to marriage. They might even tangle over the merits of making your bed or the value of a great point guard.” No network is yet attached to the show.



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