Fast Food Chains Troll IHOP After Change To IHOB

Last week IHOP teased they were changing the "P" to a "B" but we had to wait until Monday 6/11 to find out what it meant. Well yesterday they revealed instead of the "International House of Pancakes," they're now the "International House of Burgers." Everyone was displeased. 


Well it didn't take long for literally everyone to troll IHOB, including it's competitors Burger King & Wendy's. 


PLEASE NOTE that Burger King has changed its name to Pancake King...


And we could never forget the savage Wendy's, best known for their consistent social media savvy.


Annnnnd then there's everyone else....


Also worth noting, we seem to be good on the Waffle House front. 


Even NETFLIX got in on the trolling....


What a time to be alive. 



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