7 Things Most People Have Accomplished By 35

Business Insider has released a list of 7 things most people have accomplished by the age of 35. With the way of the world currently, I can't be sure I'll accomplish any of these. What about you?

  • The average 35-year-old in the U.S. is married — the most common age for women to marry is 27, while it's 29 for men.
  • They will also likely have a child, with the average American woman having her first child by age 28.
  • They’re a homeowner, with the median age for first-time homeowners being 32.
  • A typical 35-year-old has an average salary of $49,400, earning about $950 a week.
  • Most 35-year-olds have an average net worth, not including home equity, of $14,226
  • A typical 35-year-old is in debt to the tune of $133,100.
  • The average American has already had 11 jobs by the time they hit 35.


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