Apple Announces New iOS12 Features!

At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced its newest operating system, iOS12 will launch this September addressing some major points with consumers.

Group FaceTime

Almost everyone at one point or another has wished to FaceTime multiple people at once and now that wish is becoming a reality. Apple announced with the new operating system, you'll be able to FaceTime multiple people at once, 32 people to be exact! Who has 32 friends, let alone 32 different people you'd want to talk to at the same time is beyond me but hey, rock on.

Animoji Upgrades

Animojis will now include the ghost, koala, tiger and T. rex!

Introducing Me-mojis

Apple is getting real fancy by introducing completely personalized avatars which they're affectionately calling 'memojis." You'll also be able to react to someone's message with an animoji or memoji plus your memoji will detect winks and tongue movements for even more interaction.

Activity Reports

In a strange twist of events, Apple is actually tracking how much you use your phone and how often you access different apps in an effort to discourage crazy phone use. E News reports, "Screen Time can break down the total time spent in individual apps, usage across categories of apps, how many notifications are received and how often devices are picked up in daily and weekly Activity Reports. You can also set a time limit for individual apps, and a notification will be sent when the time you've allotted to scroll through Instagram is running out." 

Click here for more iOS12 features!


The highly anticipated red headed emoji launches today along with a slew of others (150 to be exact) including cupcakes, superheroes, bagels, toilet paper, kangaroos and llamas!  



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