#The411: Dolly Parton Headed To Netflix?

Dolly Parton Might Be Getting Her Own Netflix Show

According to Dolly's close friend Lily Tomlin, Dolly is headed to Netflix! Tomlin seemingly accidentally spilled the beans during an interview when she was asked when Dolly will guest star on her Netflix show “Grace and Frankie,” with fellow “9 to 5” star Jane Fonda.

“We’d like to see Dolly and we keep hoping we’ll work out a schedule, but she’s just so busy,” Tomlin said. “She does so many things, and now she has a big show deal herself at Netflix, so I don’t know.” Tomlin went on to say, “Sam Haskell, her partner, they’re going to do a series about Dolly’s songs, like she did with ‘Coat of Many Colors’ and all that stuff.” 


Benedict Cumberbatch Is A Real Life Superhero

Benedict Cumberbatch sprung into action to save a mugging victim in London proving he doesn't just play a superhero in the movies but he's basically the closest thing we've got IRL. Apparently Benedict was riding in an Uber when he saw a delivery cyclist being mugged. He literally sprung into action, bolting form his Uber and rescuing the cyclists.  Manuel Dias was Benedict's Uber driver and witnessed the incident, “The cyclist was lucky, Benedict’s a superhero. Benedict was courageous, brave and selfless.” The company who the cyclist works for tweeted out a big thank you. 


Pete Davidson Gets Ariana Grande Tattoos

Just about a week ago singer Ariana Grande and SNL funnyman Pete Davidson made their relationship Instagram official.


Well just a few days after confirming their relationship to the world, Pete Davidson got 2 tattoos representing Ari. He got "AG" tattooed on his hand while her iconic bunny ears she wore on the cover of her Dangerous Woman album behind his ear. His tattoo artists posted pictures to Instagram also claiming that Pete loves Ariana. (Pete's tattoo artists reportedly removed the picture of AG on Pete's hand from Instagram)


Gwen Stefani Forced To Dance To Her Own Song At Wedding

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani attended a wedding together over the weekend which got a little awkward for Gwen as she was dragged on the dance floor and forced to dance as the DJ played her tune “Hollaback Girl.” You can see her reluctantly on the dance floor in her white sparkly top, black mini skirt and knee high boots!



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