#The411: Luke Combs Partners With Columbia, Bard Paisley Does TV

Luke Combs Teaming Up With Columbia Sportswear

Luke Combs has signed a multi-level integrated partnership with Columbia Sportswear focusing on his passion for fishing and the outdoors in a video following Combs' and friends on a deep sea fishing excursion to Los Barriles, Mexico. 

“I have always loved my PFG shirts, all the way back to high school. When I started to play the club runs early on, the rooms were so hot, and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible for the 90 minutes we were playing. The only shirt I owned that could do that was the PFG, so it quickly became my go-to every time I perform.” Combs' explains. He went on to say, “Teaming up with the Columbia family is exciting for me because of our shared love of music and the outdoors. From deep sea fishing to packed out arenas, PFG has always been with me on and off the stage.” 


Brad Paisley Appearing On The Gong Show

The Gong Show returns to ABC this summer with one of our favorites, Brad Paisley serving on the rotating panel of judges. Brad joins new judges Jimmy Kimmel , Jason Sudeikis and Alyson Hannigan and host, Mike Myers , in his guise as the fictional British comedy legend "Tommy Maitland." Meanwhile, Will Arnett , Dana Carvey , Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle return to the panel for a second season.


Sandra Bullock's Stalker Dies

Joshua Corbett, the man who was convicted of stalking actress Sandra Bullock back in 2014 has died from self inflicted wounds after a 5 hour stand off with police inside his La Crescenta, California home. Police showed up trying to serve a warrant which allegedly had to do with his probation to which he barricaded himself in his home claiming he had a weapon and threatening to kill the officers. After trying to convince him to come out for 5 hours, the police stormed the home and found Corbett dead. 

Yale Rescinds Bill Cosby's Honorary Degree

Ohio State and a slew of other schools have rescinded Cosby’s honorary degrees in the wake of his sexual assault allegations and now that he's been found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, Yale has also rescinded his degree he received in 2003. Yale says, it’s committed to “the elimination of sexual misconduct and the adherence to due process.”



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