Behold, Ben & Jerry's Has 3 *NEW* Cookie Dough Flavors!

Ben & Jerry's is recreating the classic cookie dough ice cream and tbh I am here for it!

3 brand new twists on the fan favorite are being served in scoop shops this summer ONLY so hello get on it!


I literally cannot breathe.

The 3 new flavors are:

  • Chip off the Dough - It’s a mix of chocolate chip and chocolate ice creams with chocolate chip cookie dough AND chocolate chip cookies.
  • PB Doughble Chocolate- This one’s for the peanut butter fans, with dark and milk chocolate ice creams, peanut butter cookie dough, and peanut butter cookie butter swirls.
  • CinnDoughRella - A combo of cinnamon and caramel ice creams with cinnamon bun dough, shortbread cookies and oatmeal cinnamon cookie swirls.

Also, fun fact! Legend has it an anonymous fan in 1984 sent Ben & Jerry a letter saying they should create a cookie dough flavor and now Ben & Jerry's is credited with creating it!

Source: Delish



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