Dunkin Donuts Is Launching A New Glaxay Themed Menu!


Yesterday Dunkin' Donuts launched its brand new galaxy themed menu complete with two new Coolatta and out of this world doughnut. The menu is available in select locations for a limited time and will include:

  • The Comet Candy Donut - It’s a plain yeast donut with white icing covered with a burst of blue, purple, and pink popping candy that’s cotton candy-flavored.
  • The Cosmic Cotton Candy Coolatta - It’s cotton candy-flavored as well and topped with Blue Raspberry.
  • The Cosmic Pineapple Coolatta - This one features the new pineapple flavor with blue raspberry.

As a bonus, all small Coolattas in any flavor — including the new cotton candy and pineapple flavors—will be just $2 through May 27.



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