The International McDonald's Menu Is Finally Here!

It's pretty well known that for whatever reason, every other country's McDonald's menu is better then the one here in the states. Thankfully, that is finally changing!

Sadly, the only place you can get your hands on the international McDonald's menu will be the new crazy, high tech mega McDonald's located in Chicago. This monstrosity is 6,000 square feet with phone charging ports built into the tables, with touch-screen kioks and folks can also order through the chain’s mobile app.


Lets get down to the good part, the food. This new mega McDonald's will carry your classic favorites but once you've finally had it with Big Mac's, you can try cheese & bacon fries from Australia, the McSpicy chicken sandwich from Hong Kong, the Mozza Salad from France or Brazil’s McFlurry Prestígio, a vanilla soft serve with strawberry sauce and chocolate-covered coconut bites! The international menu is also expected to rotate every few months!

Baristas will also be on site crafting up fun specialty drinks at the coffee bar. 

Source: Eater



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