Everything About Stranger Things Season 3 You Needa Know Right Now

If you don't live under a rock, you've probably seen Stranger Things. Netflix's blast from the past syfy thriller series has quickly become a cult favorite among most modern day TV goers and season 3 is on it's way!


Season 2 premiered last Halloween, and according to David Harbour, aka everyone's favorite Police Chief, Hopper, season 3 will premiere sometime in early 2019!

The new season will apparently be a mix of old and new. We get more Dad Steve (yay!), but for the first time, the series will take place over the summer, aka the kids will NOT be in school. Unless they ahve to do summer school....idk.

We also have teeny, tiny, little baby romances! Mike & Eleven are still going strong which is all that really matters. 

For the full scoop on the latest happenings in Hawkins, click here!



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