Sephora's Big Huge Sale Is Here But OMG It's Almost Over!!

Okay here's the deal!

Sephora is super expensive and almost never has substantial sales UNTIL RIGHT NOW.


So apparently the sale started on April 13th and I am personally offended no one told me but fear not, you can still take advantage of it!

The VIB Rouge member sale (15% off your purchase) began April 13th and goes until the end of the sale. What is a VIB Rouge member you ask? Anyone who spends at least $1000 a year at Sephora gets early access before everyone else. 

Then comes the VIB member sale (15% off your purchase) begins on April 20th. A VIB member is anyone who spends at least $350 a year but not over $1000.

The regular beauty insider sale also begins on April 20th but the sale available is only 10% off your purchase!

We have reason to believe the sale ends for everyone on April 23rd so get on it!



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