Sephora's Big Huge Sale Is Here But OMG It's Almost Over!!

posted by Francesca - 

Okay here's the deal!

Sephora is super expensive and almost never has substantial sales UNTIL RIGHT NOW.

So apparently the sale started on April 13th and I am personally offended no one told me but fear not, you can still take advantage of it!

The VIB Rouge member sale (15% off your purchase) began April 13th and goes until the end of the sale. What is a VIB Rouge member you ask? Anyone who spends at least $1000 a year at Sephora gets early access before everyone else. 

Then comes the VIB member sale (15% off your purchase) begins on April 20th. A VIB member is anyone who spends at least $350 a year but not over $1000.

The regular beauty insider sale also begins on April 20th but the sale available is only 10% off your purchase!

We have reason to believe the sale ends for everyone on April 23rd so get on it!



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