Vyve: A Dating App That Makes You Talk Before Revealing Each Other's Photos

Vyve is the latest dating app to try and introduce us to love but it's taking the opposite approach of Tinder and Bumble. Traditional dating apps have you swiping right if you like someone's picture & short bio, or left if you don't. Vyve is flipping the script and forcing users to actually have conversations with words before revealing what the person looks like.  


To really separate itself from Tinder, Bumble and the traditional dating apps, you don't even swipe on Vyve! (OMG!) An algorithm matches users based on how they've both answered ice-breaker questions & after 10-15 messages, you can see an option to unblur each other's photos.

But wait, there's more!

To join, you're application must be approved in order to help ensure "every new member makes the community stronger, and provides a safe and comfortable environment for their users." Currently the waitlist is a few hundred people deep but the company says you should get a response within a week. 



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