#The411: An Update On Carrie Underwood's Face & Anxiety

Carrie Underwood Struggles With Her Face & Subsequent Anxiety

A few months ago it was report Carrie Underwood experienced a nasty fall where she broke her wrist and ended up with around 40 stitches in her face. Apparently her anxiety has sky rocketed regarding the scar on her face and she's been visiting the best dermatologists in Beverly Hills to seek treatments to reduce the appearance of the scar. She's also been switching up her beauty routine with her glam squad to conceal and contour better to reduce then appearance. We haven't seen her face since the fall but I'm sure she still looks beautiful :)

Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller Out Of Jail

Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to a year in jail on a slew of fraud charges after hiding almost $800,000 from the government. TMZ has learned she's been transferred from a prison in Victorville, California to the Residential Reentry Center and is scheduled to be released May 25th. 

Blake & Gwen Spend Spring Break With Her Kids

Nothing says spring break like Oklahoma! Apparently Gwen Stefani took her kids to spend their spring break with boyfriend Blake Shleton on his ranch in Oklahoma. Gwen has been posting tons of pictures of her kids doing all sorts of activities including swimming, jumping off rocks and playing in the sand.



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